Transfer of Residential Properties

The majority of our clients are homeowners or soon to be homeowners. We do service the commercial market, but most of our work is certainly helping the residential market. Of course, this largely involves helping people purchase a property or sell a property.

Our bias opinion is that we are one of the top law firms in Manchester. We aren’t cheap solicitors even though we’re from Manchester and not London, but we remain affordable for the residential market.

The majority of our clients are the residential market, living in Manchester, so we stay within a reasonable price aimed at this market.

You can come into our base in Manchester City centre if you want to meet any of our conveyancing solicitors and discuss plans/problems you have.

Everything you would need for a conveyancing service is here. We have probate law solicitors here in our Manchester base that can help if you are dealing with a death related to your house purchase/sale.

You will need to book an appointment by calling through to the office first. It wouldn’t be possible to help clients without appointments as the office would be chaos. Then no one’s homes would be bought/sold correctly!

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What is a conveyance fee on a house?

A conveyance fee on a house is going to cover the total figure you’ll pay in ensuring the legal side of your house sale or purchase is taken take of correctly.


What is the average cost of conveyancing fees?

The average conveyancing fee is really hard to answer. We can, however, give you a general ball park figure just so that we don’t give any sort of answer. Please don’t hold our team to this fugue as every client we deal with has a slightly different case.

You can expect the average conveyancing fee to pay on a house to be between £800 and £2000. Again, it depends on a lot of factors, but there’s a rough guide on the pricing. Conveyancing fees are generally the same throughout the UK, other than London, where prices skyrocket as you might imagine.

Unfortunately, we don’t yet have a conveyancing fee calculator on our website. This might be something we add eventually, but getting an accurate calculator is important to us.


Should I do the conveyancing myself?

We would certainly not recommend this as an outfit that deals with conveyancing and the complexities that come about every single day as a result. Certainly, even if you think your house sale is extremely simplistic, it’s worth consulting professional advice.

At worst, they will say sure, you know what you’re doing and you can go ahead. Or, they might say that this would go all wrong if you hadn’t have just hired me!

The choice is up to you, but we would definitely recommend seeking out reviews on conveyancing solicitors in Manchester, even if it’s not us and another company entirely.

If you did want to pick another company, you could go for a conveyancing solicitor in Didsbury like Hargreaves, Gorvins Solicitors (popular in Stockport), JMW solicitors are always well reviewed.


Buying residential homes to let

If you’re looking for a conveyance solicitor in a real estate deal, the fee is slightly different compared to someone looking to buy to live in. Speak to the team for more details if you’re a real estate investor.