Conveyancing Solicitors Didsbury

We have a base of conveyancing solicitors in Didsbury. These firms has at least 4/5 solicitor visits to clients based in Didsbury.

Although we offer most legal services out there and have one of the best approaches (in our biased opinion) of legal firms, we still have one to the best prices in the market. We certainly aren’t the most cheap solicitors in Manchester, but we don’t have prices like conveyancing solicitors in London do. There’s are understandable due to their higher expenses.

On top of that, our service is second to none.

We realise how stressful buying a house is. If you’re doing this, we won’t reaffirm all the problems and stresses you’re facing right now. You know them well and we know them well after being involved in this space for so long.

What we can reaffirm is how good our service is. As there is so much pain associated with purchasing a home, we want to do our bit in taking out the pain related to the legal side. When you hire us, you can expect to forget about any of the legalities as one of our residential property solicitors will relieve you of them.

Sure, you might be needed in some instances, but we will only involve you where necessary. You are hiring us to handle the legalities after all. We’ll make sure to stay in communication with you throughout, so if anything significant happens, you will know. We know how time sensitive property purchases are.

We mentioned residential conveyancing just then, but we also serve the commercial market. We are property solicitors really, serving both the commercial and residential market. The company holds no bias towards either type of conveyancing, but more residential conveyancing certainly does come through our doors.

Either way, we are well versed to deal with either demand. We have completed the conveyancing of seemingly thousands of residential and more likely in the high hundreds for commercial businesses.


We travel to you

If you don’t want to come into our city centre based office, no worries. We’re more than happy to come out to you. Several clients physically can’t, several clients prefer their own home as opposed to the city and some clients are simply too busy to travel to us from Didsbury. All are good enough reasons for us and we have the team to get out to you as and when necessary.

It’s the same situation when our clients in Oldham need to met a conveyancing solicitor – they’re welcome to come in or we can send someone out to you.

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Stay up to date with our website if you want a career at our company. You can always just call in if you want to enquire about getting a job here. We would recommend firstly sending your C.V, following it up with a phone call, and visiting us if needed.

Just use the email address and phone number provided to get in touch.

What is a general residential conveyancer salary?

Your salary as a residential conveyancer is going to vary depending on where you are in the world. A conveyancer in Australia is going to be paid completely different money to the UK, it’s likely you will be paid for more handsomely there.

There are loads of stipulations. Are you a licensed conveyancer? Do you have a deep understanding for residential and or commercial conveyancing? Have you completed an additional conveyance course after your studies? Your salary is really going to depend on the value you bring to the role.

Your conveyancing law job description is also going to depend on the skills you can bring to the company. If there were two conveyance law positions up for grabs at our companies, if two totally different people applied for the position, they might have two totally different job descriptions by the time they start. So play to your strengths, get experience and look to add value where possible.

Your job description as a conveyancing lawyer is going to look totally different if you walk into the office straight from university compared with having 5 years experience or even 10 years experience.