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The conveyancing solicitors work with an effective, efficient and personable conveyancing service from Manchester. Offering excellent, comprehensive conveyancing services for a great City. Manchester has a rich industrial heritage, along with that brought a dynamic economy and breeds the conveyance of property. So there has always been a place for a conveyancing solicitors in Manchester. 

Let’s say you’re trying to buy a flat in Manchester, sell a 5 bedroom house, buying several properties to let or just need advice… No matter what your situation/problem is – the team we work with will be able to help you.

They have built up a respectable client list that trust them with all of their conveyancing needs. This goes for both individuals and businesses that use our expert service. For both sectors, their conveyancing solicitors have always picked up immaculate reviews from any clients in Manchester and other nearby areas.

Why the team we have picked?

They have the same interests as you – get to the desired outcome (e.g. sell your property for desired price) as smoothly as possible with the least resistance possible. Certainly, they don’t want any blunders or for any process to be prolonged.


Their residential property solicitors‘ experience in conveyancing gives them a big edge over other conveyancing solicitors in the area. They can help clients get loans they need for purchasing properties to let or to own.


When you hire their services, they stay in communication. A lot of conveyancing takes time. If you’re selling your home, it doesn’t happen overnight. There are also plenty of hurdles to get over before they finally sign off the sale of your home.

As this is such a stressful time, they know to stay in communication with clients. There are constant developments of the situation, so you can expect to hear from the anytime we have something you need to hear.

Modern company

Law firms are perceived to be behind on technology, like dinosaurs, but not the law firm we recommend. They have made sure to stay up to date with modern technology. This includes software that keeps us up to date with market happenings and changes. This is necessary for any serious conveyancing solicitor – they need to see Land Registry records and have access to search agencies.


A picture of supreme court, an important embodiment of law

Solicitor conveyancing prices in Manchester

Pricing fairly is important to their company ethos. We are aware that legal fees are already expensive compared to the everyday commodity.

We hope that our clients understand that legal advice isn’t an everyday expense. You’re paying for their expertise to protect your investment or sale of a property, something that could cost you tens of / hundreds of thousands of pounds if carried out incorrectly.

The company is not petty in creating extra fees for things like postage or photocopying. They have their overheads – and they cover for them. Their clients simply pay for our time invested into their legal troubles. The second thing they pay for is their expertise. 


For individuals

The team helps individuals with all their conveyancing needs. The majority of their clients are people looking to sell their homes or purchase a new home.  Their residential conveyancing Manchester service has an excellent track record of getting people the new homeownership they so wish for.

Their service is experienced and professional, combined with affordability – perfect for members of the public in making sure everything is right with your property.

For businesses

In the same vein, they also have commercial clients. Moving properties as a business can be a large ordeal, so you won’t want to do it alone.

Even selling a commercial property is going to be a lot of hassle alone. With countless examples of helping our clients through these troublesome processes, you can call on them to help with any commercial conveyancing processes.

What does a conveyancing solicitor do?

The definition of conveyancing is essentially the preparation of legal documents in order to achieve conveyance of a property. So if you’re asking what does conveyancing mean, it is essentially the legal passing of a property from one person to another person.

Your legal team will transfer the legal title of real property from one person to another. This grants an encumbrance. Two main phases comprise of a conveyancing transaction, these are: the exchange of contracts and completion. These are through equitable interests are created and completion, or settlement, refers to when titles pass legally.

That is the role of a conveyancing solicitor explained in it’s most basic sense – they are legal practitioners that deal with property jurisdictions and property law.

You need a conveyancing solicitor when buying a house in the UK or selling a house in the UK – this goes for members of the public as well as businesses.

Lawyers will help to make the whole process far smoother. Anyone that has ever purchased or sold a property will know the amount of headaches that occur as a result of purchasing a property – plenty. 

The team we recommend are not the cheapest conveyancing Manchester solicitors but they are not the most expensive either. Their excellent service and track record of success makes them fantastic value for money.

Does my conveyancer need to be local?

Although their law firm is based in the centre of Manchester, they have clients outside of the area.

How is this possible? Technology! Technology allows us to connect with people all over the country, not just Manchester. The technology we’re referring to are things like Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, simple phone calls, emails and so on.

Just like how we can watch seemingly anything on Youtube these days, technology can put you face to face with conveyancing lawyers without even having to be physically face to face!

They help clients throughout loads of different cities with their conveyancing from everything like their property solicitors fees, conveyancing searches, the buying and selling process, general advice and more.

Their conveyance solicitors have dealt with clients in Liverpool, London, Sheffield, even in India when purchasing abroad – helping them to buy and sell property.

So if you like the look of our conveyancing service, you can call them for a quote or get in touch via email or online and we’ll be able to help out no matter where you are in the UK.

So if you’re asking “does it matter where your conveyancing solicitor is based?” We would say no. Technology overcomes this. We’re ready to help out wherever you are!

So of sorts, they’re essentially online conveyancing solicitors too. In some instances, it might help to be face to face, but there are many components of conveyancing that can be sorted through modern day technology.

Which areas do you cover?

As described above, they can cover the whole UK for all conveyancing needs. Their solicitors are often helping people in other cities in the UK.

As far as where they serve, it’s mostly areas nearby to Manchester.

They have conveyancing solicitors that visit clients in Didsbury

They also have conveyancing solicitors that help clients in Oldham.

Just as the London market is so big, they have quite a few large clients that our conveyancing solicitors help over that way.

Other legal services

Their other legal services are far reaching. They have a large team that is divided into their own respective divisions of law.

When you hire the team for something conveyancing, you can expect to largely speak to the same lawyer, with some overlap coming from the rest of the team.

Having specialist departments keeps them up to date on just about every department of law. So if you’re speaking to a lawyer about selling your home, they can help you with other areas of law like family law.

Our other legal services include:

  • Family law
  • Probate
  • Claims (medical negligence, personal accident / injury)
  • Employment law
  • Wills and LPAs
  • Settlement agreements

They can lend our hand to other legal services, but these generally tend to be what they focus on and have specialists teams working on.

They will only ever be honest if you ask them to help with a certain problem. They would never try our hand at a legal problem that they don’t know how to solve or have some form of specialism in.

a statue of law, an embodiment of law


Other conveyancing solicitors we recommend

Although we have no direct affiliation with these companies (we are not paid to recommend them to you), we at least know they are reputable in the area.

You would have thought that every law company out there would be reputable, but that’s simply not the case.

First up is Gorvins, a firm that gets positive reviews whenever they come under review. They are a comprehensive service based in Stockport. Again, we don’t know anyone personally from the company, but have only heard positive feedback. They would be a safe bet if you wanted to compare our company to another.

Possibly at another time we’ll make a list of other solicitors in Manchester, Stockport and other nearby areas with further details, but for now we’ll keep this brief.

Certainly, we could talk about Gorvins Solicitors opening hours, their other bases like in Milton Keynes and the reviews they get over there in Stockport. For now, we’ll simply say they would be worth checking out if you need some form of legal advice.

If you’re looking for the best conveyancing solicitors actually based in Stockport, from what we know, we would say go to Gorvins Solicitors, found at sk1 1ta.

Another option you can look at is B.J. McKenna & Co Solicitors. Again, based in Manchester and again, have held a reputable company in the area for many years. They like most firms offer a multitude of law services that might help to solve you needs.

These main areas of law they offer are family law (including popular sub sections within family law), personal injury/accident claims, wills and probates, conveyancing, lasting powers of attorney services and employment law. They also do home visits like us should you not be able to get into their office. 

Those are the other companies that can help you with the conveyance of a property. Obviously, we still recommend the companies we work with over any other conveyancing solicitors in Manchester so if you need our team’s services drop us a line or give us a call.

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