When purchasing a property for hundreds of thousands of pounds, people are always concerned with prices for things like conveyancing.

And we can’t blame them. Costs start racking up left, right and centre when you’re purchasing a home. Let’s not even go into the expense of the home when you finally acquire it, either.

People always get in touch with us asking the same thing:

“Can you give us an estimate on how much the conveyancing cost will be for a home I’m buying?”

As you can imagine, this is vague and it largely depends on multiple factors. What we won’t do today is break down every single cost.

What we will do is explain what a conveyance is and what a rough estimate might be for your conveyance.

solicitors representing conveyance law

So, what is a conveyance?

In its most basic terms, the easiest way to explain what a conveyance is: the legal work required in order to purchase a home.

By purchase, we mean to switch the property owners name from someone else’s to yours. You almost always require a lawyer as things can get tricky when passing ownership over of a property. We’ve heard of people going at it alone, but don’t advise this.


Can you give me a rough estimate for a conveyance solicitors fees?

At our firm, our fees are extremely reasonable. This is because our service is far superior to most conveyance solicitors in Manchester. We relieve you of all stress related to anything legal. We take care of it all and only involve you when necessary. On top of that, we stay in communication. So any essential information you need, we just let you know.

So, if you’re looking to purchase a home in Manchester, Stockport, Oldham or any of the surrounding areas, you can expect to pay:

Around £750 to about £2,000 for the conveyance of your home.

Again, there are multiple factors at play here, so the cost will always vary.

We also carry out conveyances for commercial clients and these prices vary massively. Just get in touch if you want to speak more about our conveyance fees.

It might be that we can give you a rough estimate over the phone if you have enough details, or you can simply book an appointment with one of our solicitors.


Should I just do the conveyance alone?

We’ve heard of people doing this before. We certainly don’t advise it. Conveyance law solicitors literally spend years honing their knowledge.

You could always just speak to a solicitor for a bit of guidance if you’re confident enough to go at it alone. The fee would be considerably less and they could let you know if you’re seemingly heading in the right direction.