Cheapest Rates

If you really wanted the cheapest conveyancing solicitors in Manchester, you could explore the option of conveyancing the property yourself. This, in reality, would cost you nothing.

In fact, we should interject by saying, there will be no price in doing this. We would argue there could be a really high cost if you do this, though.

There’s a reason that most people seek a conveyance solicitor when trying to buy a residential property. The legalities aren’t simple in passing over the name of one property owner to another.

You face the cost of messing up your side of the legalities and costing yourself the opportunity of getting the property you’re trying to get. This is clearly a massive cost compared to the fees of a conveyance solicitor, especially when you can get expert advice as such an affordable price compared to the price of most properties.

Solicitors working in a court


The other consideration is time

You’re going to be scratching your head trying to figure out the conveyance without any help. Sure, you have Google, but Google won’t solve the problem for you.

More than likely, you’ll get lost in a plethora of articles, all suggesting different things. Us solicitors went to university for a very long time for a reason – it takes a very long time to get to grips with various aspects of law. Then to think, most solicitors, ours in particular, then go on to specialise in one field of law.

So, when considering the cost of a conveyance solicitor, also consider that you’re paying for the time we spent learning all these things that we’re saving you from.

Simply get in touch with us if you need ‘cheap’ conveyance solicitors. Our prices are very reasonable in Manchester, the service is high level and you won’t have to bother learning anything to do with legalities.

For most, this is like watching paint dry anyway. Also consider that the price you pay is going to save you time that you can spend earning money, anyway.

There probably are cheaper conveyance solicitors out there, but it would also cost you if you hired a poor solicitor and somehow couldn’t get the property you wanted as a result. Go for one of the best conveyance solicitors in Manchester – us!