Surviving University While Studying Law

The title of this article is slightly contentious. Many people get through law school simply by surviving.

Really, ideally, you want to thrive through law school! We feel like we did averagely through university but would like anyone else wishing to be conveyancing solicitors in Manchester a better shot at being successful throughout university.

It’s not to say that most of us here did badly, it’s just that we all agree that we could have done things better. As a result, we wanted to write a collective piece on what the different people in the office thought they could do better. Each point is raised by a different person and we will tie it all together.

Overall, university should be a good time whether you are becoming a lawyer, conveyancer specifically, a teacher, an engineer and so on.

Sure, law school and things like medical school are going to require more of you, but that is no reason that the experience should not be enjoyable.

All it takes is some good honest guidance from people that have been there, done that, and that is us! Hopefully you find this article both interesting and useful whether you have started law school, about to start law school or just reminding yourself of the good old days!

Be Organised

Sorry to bore you with the first point, but everyone agrees they could have been more organised. Virtually everyone in the world ‘could’ be more organised, but it generally tends to happen naturally after university anyway. Your priorities shift, you have more responsibilities so you are sort of ‘forced’ into being more organised and productive.

However, at university, you are left to your own devices in some senses so you have to take control of your organisation. Where you might have been organised through college teachers, the fact that mum and dad are looking over your shoulder, or whatever it was…

You don’t really have that anymore. What his means is, you need to prioritise organisation as soon as you can. It is easy to fall into not being organised. But if you start your year organised and carry that momentum through, it will serve you well. By being organised we mean to organise your house/apartment, schedule, note taking, lectures, studying and anything else in your life.

You need to stay on top of everything. Everything should have allocated time towards it. If, for this term, you have set yourself 7 hours a week of your own studies, find that hour in your schedule t hat you can get it done. It becomes a bit of a game trying to figure out how you can squeeze it around your lectures so you can do something more fun in the evening!

Either way, be organised, stay organised and make the most of every day, hour and minute. Many around you will not but it WILL catch up with them in some way. Be that exams and essays, their bodily health, their mental health and so on. You cannot deviate from the things you need to do. So this was a big one for everyone. It is easy to fall out of organisation, routine and good habits while in your new university surroundings.

Be Consistent

Following from the above, you have to keep it consistent. It is no good being organised for the first week, month or term. You need to break your time up and be as consistent as possible. Yes, occasionally you are going to mess up.

However, if you KNOW to be consistent, you know that this period of unproductiveness can only last so long. So many go to university, get in a rut and can’t jump back on the train to keep their year moving. They start falling down the slope of unproductiveness and the longer you leave it, the harder it is to get back up the slope. So keep climbing!

Pay Attention To Your Health

This is another thing that is easy to ‘lose’ if you don’t pay attention to it. You move in to a new place, no mum and dad to monitor you and your health goes out of the window.

Things you need to specifically focus on are sleep, diet and exercise. Sure, stay up late every now and then because now you won’t wake up your sister. Eat a ridiculous meal because your dad isn’t there to judge you. But don’t be excessive. Just like the consistency thing with work and organisation, it is harder to become consistent again, healthy again, than it is to simply stay healthy.

Make sure to exercise at least once a week, but more like 4-5 times a week is preferable. You could just do one of those home workouts that take 10 minutes if you are strapped for time. That is better than nothing.

Honourable Mentions

Firstly, give this article a read by the Guardian about studying law at university. They have a really good guide on some of the things you should think about before going.

Only compete with yourself (big stress reducer!).

Make more connections (there are great people who become great lawyers at universities).

Join a club or society (some in the office didn’t and massively regretted it!).

Go out clubbing once a week or every two weeks in the first year! Some in the office hardly went out  when they could have.

Enjoy the process! Whether you get into conveyancing like us and end up dealing with houses and apartments or you become a different type of lawyer – make it work, make it fun and make it through! Thanks for reading!




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