Skilled Transfer Of Property

We believe the legal transfer of property from one individual to another should be seamless, easy and not stressful!

We have found excellent conveyancing solicitors in Manchester and they continuously help people from our community with their properties. Simply call our number to get redirected to the legal team. 

They aren’t the only team, though. They have a whole team working in the city centre to deliver excellent law solutions to the good people of Manchester, Oldham and anywhere else nearby.

The team is broken down into specialist areas of law that they work on daily.

Some of these law services include:

Probate law
Claims (medical negligence claims, personal accident/injury)
Wills and LPAs
Settlement agreements

Other Reputable Solicitors In The City Centre

Although we are certain the company we recommend are the top of the list of solicitors in the Manchester city centre, there are other legal firms that get excellent reviews in Stockport. In particular is Gorvins Solicitors Conveyancing.

Although Gorvins solicitors don’t merely help with conveyancing, they cover most areas of law and have excellent reviews for all departments. It’s nothing short of amazing and we can only give them props for what Gorvins Solicitors have done in Stockport.

The other solicitor we would recommend in the Stockport area is Salehs LLP. Although Salehs solicitors are more in Bramhall, the next major location for them is going to be Stockport, hence us throwing these two into the same mix.

These guys have a great reputation and are worth considering for any type of law you need. But if you do need convenacying solicitors in the City Centre you should know now exactly who to get in touch with!

How it works

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Their conveyancing fees are certainly not cheap.

Nor are they top of the range prices.

Many of their clients are residential homeowners needing conveyancing – they have enough grievance without having to juggle gigantic bills from the company.

They charge enough to cover our time and expertise and no more. They have plenty of costs (stationery, posting, software) that they don’t expect you to cover. This is the nature of business.

They say they aren’t cheap because cheap insinuates poor value. Poor value is exactly what their service is not. Not only are their team experts at dealing with the legal side of things. They bring far more to the table.

So the legalities of your property purchase are a formality. They can nearly always sort that out for you as long as there aren’t any unforeseen circumstances. What they can do for you that most other solicitors in Manchester can’t do is relieve you of all the stress in the situation.

They take the drivers seat when handling the legalities of a home purchase. You will barely have to do a thing while they take care of the whole process. Occasionally they’ll need your help, but only then will they call on you. The only other times you’ll hear from them are when you need to hear from them us.